AWS Academy Data Center Technician


The AWS Academy Data Center Technician course is designed to help students develop technical expertise in data center operations. This course is for learners enrolled in a data center operations, engineering, or information technology track in a STEM course at a higher education academic institution. This course also helps to re-skill data center professional learners.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

Section 1: Hardware
    • Describe a computer, operating system (OS), and program
    • Recognize a computer installation, repair tools, and safety rules
    • Identify the components of a motherboard, and steps to install or remove one
    • Define the functions of a processor in a PC, and the steps to install or remove one
    • Define memory in a PC
    • Identify the types of storage drives and how to install them
    • Define a power supply unit (PSU), and the steps to install and remove one from a PC
    • Recognize the functions of a graphics card, and how to install, remove, and troubleshoot one
    • Identify basic hardware peripherals
Section 2: Software
    • Define OS fundamentals
    • Explain the installation of an OS and how to create disk partitions
    • Describe OS configuration (including application, drivers, and firewall)
    • Describe the installation and configuration of various web browsers, and how to manage them
    • Define file systems
    • Describe the basics of using the command line interface (CLI)
    • Define an OS process and process control block (PCB)
    • Define memory, paging, segmentation, and memory swapping
    • Define the basic ways to use Microsoft Office
Section 3: Networking
    • Identify the fundamentals of networking
    • Define the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) model, function of the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and function of a Domain Name System (DNS)
    • Identify copper networking cables, fiber data cables, and optical fiber transceivers
    • Compare the different cabinets and racks used in a data center
    • Recognize the process of data transmission through networks
    • Understand IP and subnetting
Section 4: Programming
    • Describe the basic concepts of structured programming
    • Define a string and its use case
    • Identify the use of loops in computer programming
    • Define an array and the two different methods to assign values to an array
Section 5: Applications and Mathematics
    • Identify operations for fractions, powers, percentages and how to convert between decimal, hexadecimal, binary, and octal number systems
    • Recognize the basics of databases
    • Define logic, probability, and graphs
Section 6: Web Development
    • Describe the basics of web development
Course Outline
    • Module 01: Hardware Fundamentals
    • Module 02: Hardware Used to Work on Computers
    • Module 03: Motherboards
    • Module 04: Processors
    • Module 05: Memory
    • Module 06: Storage Drives
    • Module 07: Power Supplies
    • Module 08: Graphics Cards
    • Module 09: Hardware Peripherals
    • Module 10: Operating System Fundamentals
    • Module 11: Operating System Installation
    • Module 12: Operating System Configuration
    • Module 13: Web Browsers
    • Module 14: File System
    • Module 15: Command Line
    • Module 16: Processing
    • Module 17: Memory Management
    • Module 18: Microsoft Office
    • Module 19: Networking Fundamentals
    • Module 20: Models and Protocols
    • Module 21: Network Links
    • Module 22: Physical Network
    • Module 23: Data Transmission
    • Module 24: IP and Subnetting
    • Module 25: Programming Fundamentals
    • Module 26: Strings
    • Module 27: Loops
    • Module 28: Arrays
    • Module 29: Mathematics Fundamentals
    • Module 30: Databases
    • Module 31: Logic, Probability, and Graphs
    • Module 32: Web Development Fundamentals




16 Weeks


Self-Study or In-Person


This is an entry-level course, but students should possess general knowledge of mechanical or electrical engineering.






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