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CompTIA Network+
Security+ opens the door to your cybersecurity career!

CompTIA Network+ helps develop a career in IT infrastructure covering troubleshooting, configuring, and managing networks.

CompTIA Network+ validates the technical skills needed to securely establish, maintain and troubleshoot the essential networks that businesses rely on.

Unlike other vendor-specific networking certifications, CompTIA Network+ prepares candidates to support networks on any platform. CompTIA Network+ is the only certification that covers the specific skills that network professionals need. Other certifications are so broad, they don’t cover the hands-on skills and precise knowledge needed in today’s networking environments.

What Skills Will You Learn?

Networking Fundamentals
Explain basic networking concepts including network services, physical connections, topologies and architecture, and cloud connectivity

Network Implementations
Explain routing technologies and networking devices; deploy ethernet solutions and configure wireless technologies.

Network Operations
Monitor and optimize networks to ensure business continuity.

Network Security
Explain security concepts and network attacks in order to harden networks against threats.

Network Troubleshooting
Troubleshoot common cable, connectivity, and software issues related to networking.

Employment Outcomes
This course is intended for prospective Network Operations/Support roles including:
• Junior Network Administrator
• Datacenter Support Technician
• Network Engineer
• NOC Technician
• Telecommunications Technician
•Cable Technician

Course Outline
Module Objectives
Module 1: Explaining the OSI Model and TCP/IP Models
Module 2: Explaining Properties of Network Traffic
Module 3: Installing and Configuring Switched Networks
Module 4: Configuring IP Networks
Module 5: Installing and Configuring Routed Networks
Module 6: Configuring and Monitoring Ports and Protocols
Module 7: Explaining Network Applications and Storage Services
Module 8: Monitoring and Troubleshooting Networks
Module 9: Explaining Networking Attacks and Mitigations
Module 10: Installing and Configuring Security Devices
Module 11: Explaining Authentication and Access Controls
Module 12: Deploying and Troubleshooting Cabling Solutions
Module 13: Implementing and Troubleshooting Wireless Technologies
Module 14: Comparing and Contrasting WAN Technologies
Module 15: Using Remote Access Methods
Module 16: Identifying Site Policies and Best Practices





8 WEEKS – MON & WED – 6-9PM
16 WEEKS – SAT – 1PM-4PM




Although there are no prerequisites for CompTIA Network+, we recommend CompTIA A+ certification (or equivelent) and nine months of networking experience.


CompTIA Network+ N10-008


Included with course




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